Clever Project Publication: Adaptive Retraining of AI/ML Model for Beyond 5G Networks: A Predictive Approach

Abstract—Beyond fifth-generation (B5G) networks (namely 6G) aim to support high data rates, low-latency applications, and massive machine communications. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models are essential for addressing the network’s increasing complexity and dynamic nature. However, dynamic service demands of B5G cause the AI/ML models performance degradation, resulting in violations of Service Level Agreements (SLA), over- or under-provisioning of resources, etc. To address the performance degradation of the AI/ML models, retraining is essential. Existing threshold and periodic retraining approaches have potential disadvantages such as SLA violations and inefficient resource utilization for setting a threshold parameter in a dynamic environment. This paper presents a novel algorithm that predicts when to retrain AI/ML models using an unsupervised classifier. The proposed predictive approach is evaluated for a Quality of Service (QoS) prediction use case on the Open RAN Software Community (OSC) platform and compared to the threshold approach. The results show that the proposed predictive approach outperforms the threshold approach.