Collaborative edge-cLoud continuum and Embedded AI for a Visionary industry of thE futuRe

Clever Project Publication: AI-enabled Resource Optimization in Critical Computing Infrastructures

Abstract :The seamless orchestration of resources across the edge-cloud continuum has become a cornerstone in modern critical computing infrastructures. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in enabling the fast and efficient management of diverse and demanding workloads. However, maintaining data security, while optimizing resources can be a significant challenge especially in multi-domain environments. AI…

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Clever Project Publication: Cascaded Look Up Table Distillation of P4 Deep Neural Network Switches

Abstract: In-network function offloading represents a key enabler of the SDN-based data plane programmability to enhance network operation and awareness while speeding up applications and reducing the energy footprint. The offload of network functions exploiting machine learning and artificial intelligence has been recently considered with intermediate solutions such as feature extraction acceleration and mixed architectures…

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