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Iker Bilbao (partner), MSc in Electrical Engineering, is senior Software Developer with expertise in C++/CUDA/GPU software developer, tailored graphic user interfaces with Qt and wireless protocols.

He is a secondment from YMA to UNIBO. Involved in Work Packages 4 and 5.

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cl_Dario Turco

Bioengineering Phd student at the University of Bologna (Italy) and member of the CLEVER project. Research activities and interests are mainly focused on medical imaging process on cardiac, cardiovascular and renal system.

He works as a secondment form UNIBO at YMA, involved in WP 2

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Joseph is PhD in Electronic Engineering, focussing on Computational Electromagnetics and Electromagnetic Field Theory (fast eigenspectrum solver for non-trivial SIW geometries). Specialises in signal processing and algorithm programming at both prototyping and product development phases (Condition assessment instrumentation for electricity supply industry, theft detection in noisy environments, industrial wireless sensor networks, timing systems in subzero temperatures) He works as a recruitment at YMA, involved in WP 2

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Horia Stefanescu is an MD graduated from Cluj-Napoca University of Medicine and Pharmacy. He holds double specialization – Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, and is also a certified user of various ultrasonography techniques. In 2011 he obtained his PhD with a thesis on noninvasive assessmenet of portal hypertension. Since march 2014 he joined the Clever project at UNIBO as a postdoc researcher under prof Fabio Piscaglia’s supervision

He works as a recruitment at UNIBO, involved in WP 1

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Teaching assistant at 3rd Medical Clinic, University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca and MD, PhD at Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Postdoc researcher with interest in invasive and non-invasive diagnosis of cirrhosis and portal hypertension. He works as a recruitment at IDIBAPS, involved in WP 1

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PhD student at the University of Bologna, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences Research interests: Ultrasonography in liver diseases diagnosis She works as a secondment from UNIBO at YMA, involved in WP 1

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Dr. Gilabert

She is Senior Consultant in the Radiology Department, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona. (Practice area: non-interventional vascular imaging). Her research interests are focused on ultrasound in chronic liver disease and portal hypertension; ultrasound in the assessment of preclinical atherosclerosis; ultrasound contrast agents and ultrasound quantification.

She is Co-Task Manager of WP 6 for HCB, and also a secondment form HCB to YMA involved in WP 2, 3 &  5.

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Sergi Alastuey

Sergi Cabré

Adrian Antúnez

 Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Bosch

Dr Bosch is clinical hepatologist and worldwide recognised expert in portal hypertension and hemodynamic assessment of liver disease. In this field he authored/co-authored over 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is the Project coordinator and Scientist in charge at the Clever project at IDIBAPS/Hospital Clinic – Barcelona.

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Dr Amat-Roldan is Bioengineer and Electrical Engineer. Peer reviewed research in biophotonics (multiphoton microscopy), medical image analysis of ultrasound (tissue characterization and diagnosis support) and magnetic resonance imaging (brain connectomics). Founder of Expert Ymaging (2012-present) a company for advanced image processing and statistical learning in biomedicine. He is the Scientist in Charge of YMA and also a secondment from YMA to IDIBAPS; involved as Task Manager in WP3 and as a secondment in WP 1,2,3,4

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Dr. Berzigotti

Dr Berzigotti is clinical hepatologist and expert in ultrasound and non-invasive methods for the assessment of liver diseases. In this field she authored/co-authored over 100 papers in  peer-reviewed journals. 

She is Research Coordinator of the Clever project, and she is Task Manager in WP1 and coTM of WP7. She is Clinical Advisor of Ymaging.

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Dr. Piscaglia

Dr Piscaglia is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy, where he is responsible for the Service of  Ultrasound in Internal Medicine and for the Outpatient Section for the Management of Liver Tumors at the liver transplant center. His research interests focus on the diagnosis and treatment of  hepatocellular carcinoma and the applications of ultrasound to abdominal disease. He has published more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals. 

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