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Ymaging is a company focused in Research and Development of new technologies located in Barcelona. We are specialized in the development of systems for automated interpretation of complex data. We have currently developed solutions for customers in different sectors: biomedicine, geophysics, environment, smart farming and ICT.


The Department of Internal Medicine at Unibo has focussed its attention to the field of diagnosis and management of chronic liver disease and its complications; and specifically are involved in this project at the forefront of innovation in the application of ultrasound technology.


IDIBAPS seeks to develop drugs, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to improve the management of patients with cirrhosis by using the complete spectrum of investigational tools, including studies of cell and molecular biology, experimental animal models, proof of concept patient studies, and clinical trials.



The hospital serves as a community hospital, and is the main public provider within its district in Barcelona, with a population of 540,000 inhabitants. It also serves as a high-complexity tertiary hospital, developing lines of actions for patients, not only in Catalonia but also in Spain and worldwide. The hospital offers services at several locations, with Maternity as one of its sites.

To ensure the continuity of care and the comprehensive provision of healthcare services, the Hospital Clínic participates in the management of Primary Care centres, develops mental health activities and builds partnerships with other centres to meet the social and healthcare needs of patients.

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